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Welcome to backscatterer.org

Our DNSBL lists any kind of Backscatterer which we see at the UCEPROTECT-Network.
You can simply use this list via DNS at ips.backscatterer.org for scoring or rejecting misdirected bounces and misdirected autoresponders and sender callouts from abusive systems.
Operators of big mailservers or providers are recommended to download our zone from UCEPROTECT-Mirrors

Please read usage to find out how to use this list in safe mode without the risk of losing legit mail.

Listing Policy is quite simple:
Every IP which backscatters (Sending misdirected bounces or misdirected autoresponders or sender callouts) will be listed the next 4 weeks here.
Currently 12733 IP's are known for abusing the NET in this way!